Ahh!! Food here I come. Love! Love! Love!

My love for food what makes me write this blog. Hi! I am Neelam a girl from Mumbai. By profession I am a Commercial Artist a Graduate from Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts. Being an Artist, creativity comes to me naturally. I love eating, cooking and sketching, I feel best when surrounded with colours whether it’s the palette of colours in my studio or the palette of spices in my kitchen, ahhh! the aroma of the spices just makes my senses so alive. Here I bring to you simple yet interesting recipes from my kitchen studio. My simple philosophy is ‘Cook, Eat and be Happy’. Cooking started over a period of time and always being surrounded by good food is what made me land here.

My inspirations to this wonderful journey are my 4 Devis. You must be wondering 4 Devis? Yes my Nani, Mom, Maasi and Maami; My Strength, My Encouragement, My Love, My Life. Nani my goddess. I have been pampered, spoilt, loved and cared to the most by her. Being a foodie all my nakharas for foodhave been fulfilled by her. We are Gujarati Surtis, so every recipe of our have that Surti touch. Especially the blend of spices prepared by my nani every year, which makes our food so unique.

So, Welcome! to my Kitchen – Masalaroma. Lets start playing with colours and spices and spread the aroma.